Is Neuro-Architecture a New Science ?

Article from Engineering News-Record;

5/19/2003, Vol. 250 Issue 19, p14, 2p,

” In an effort to prove beyond scientific doubt a relationship between design and human health, well-being and worker productivity, the American Institute of Architects has announced two unprecedented research initiatives, one with the Salk Institute and the other with the U.S. General Services Administration and the National Institutes of Health. They are intended to show empirically that different physical environments affect brain activity and even change brain structure. Experiments will track human brain neuron firings in a noninvasive way ”

Neuro Architecture is not new ! The roots are from the early 1950’s when mental hospitals used color, spatial awareness, and visual intelligence to create spaces to heal and control patients. The field is currently emerging into the public arena due to the appeal of

Rest & Relax

Rest & Relax

Feng Shui and mainstream books and lectures on who our brains work. Another thought may be the fact we are spending more time at home and work. We want our spaces to reflect and support us in having our human experience. In the months to come my goal is to share my journey in exploring this amazing view of how we flourish in spaces designed to love, motivate and support our life journey.


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