New Teaching Direction

Janet Woods and the Art of Life Institute is discontinuing its remaining  2009 courses at Awakenings, the Center of Conscious Living.

In 1998 Janet Woods started teaching a monthly Feng Shui course at Awakenings Bookstore in Laguna hills, with just a hand full of people.

To this date she has performed more than 528 classes, and inspired thousands of people to create environments that allow them to live better lives.

Janet Woods and The Art of Life Institute is expanding the current curriculum to support  indivduals in creating their own business in the areas of Neuro-Architecture,  Feng Shui , Chinese Metaphysics and Client Life Shift Coaching.

To do this, she has decided to discontinue the courses at Awakenings, and offer the courses via the Internet. The new courses will be designed to create a platform for indivduals  flourish in the new economy.

The Internet based courses will allow her and the Art of Life Institute to reach a much broader audience, and support people all over the world.

Janet and the Art of Life Institute is  grateful to  the Awakenings staff , who have always been there to support her with a wonderful facility, and getting her message out to the community.

The release of the Wednesday night time slot will open the door for another person to gain the success she has enjoyed for 11 years.



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