Primp Your Pad

The Clutter Recipe is full swing ! If this is your first time visiting us, scroll down to September 24th to get this life affirming recipe.

Many of you have throw away toxic lotions and potions. I discovered some of my personal products  had to go, sad but true. I now get to replace them with something new and healthlier. Enjoy this video. It is spring in New Zealand.

Here are some great sites for Replacement Products

Dr. Bronner –
Green Living Ideas –
Mrs. Meyers –
Seventh Generation –

For Personal Products

Linda Chae Organics


3 thoughts on “Primp Your Pad

  1. Janet – I decided to start this after Mercury was clear. So my question is I am a pet sitter so I move my stuff daily. Should I count 27 items above what I move daily or include my daily movement in the count? I don’t want a flat cake.

    Cheers, Zy

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