Holiday Seating Neuro Style

Proper seating arrangements are key to reducing  stress at the Thanksgiving Table. Thanksgiving is when loved ones gather to be grateful of their lives and each other . In reality, all the unfinished business comes to the dinner table as passing the peas brings back a negative memory of your siblings. Neuro-Architecture  uses seating arrangements to suggest your best power position. Focus on giving ideal seating to the more stressful guests.

1.   Place your dinner table in the middle of the room. Remove furniture pieces to allow easy access to all chairs around the table.

2. Place the hosts at the power positions. The power position is the furthest position away from the door and is supported by the back of a wall.


3.     The hosts should be able to see people entering the room without having to turn their heads.

4.    Position guests who are unfriendly on the same side of the table. Place a person in between them. The conflict position is across the table from each other. At this position the guest is constantly staring into the energy field of the person and begins to remember all the reasons they dislike them.

5.   Seat the more vulnerable guests against a solid back wall to keep them supported.

6. Husband and Wife or partners should not sit opposite on another at the dining table. This will have the guest playing table tennis! Have the head of the household at the head of the table with the partner to the right. Each of them should be able to see who is coming into the room, the power position!

Follow these easy tips, and really enjoy and connect with loved ones this holiday season.


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