Feng Shui Holiday Tips

Here are a few Feng Shui Holiday Tips……………

¨      Use Angels to spread good cheer, Peace and Harmony

¨      Place Menorah on top of Mirror to Double the warmth of  Hanukkah

¨      Hug all guest as arrive and leave ( Give & receive Chi Energy )

¨      Hang Garland so ends do not dangle.  It Creates a Smile

¨      Use Lots of greenery. It promotes peace, Tames fire Energy

¨      Use Crystal Tree Ornaments to nurture the Wood Element

¨      Go for walks daily: This reduces the Fire element activity

¨      Use scents of Cinnamon, Ginger, Anise, and Pine to uplift

¨      Place Family Photos in Living rooms and Great Rooms

 ¨      Serve lots of Yang Foods. They Open the Heart

Walnuts                Peanuts                Ham / Pork
Smoked Fish          Turkey                  Bell Peppers

Chesse                      Beef                         Chocolate


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