Transform Your Bedroom

We spend 1/3 of our life in our bedrooms. Whether it is sleeping, reading, or just hanging out, the importance of how is arranged is staggering. You cannot recharge your life batteries in a bedroom that does not breathe life into you.

Here are some Basic Pointers

1.      Use pastel colors – blues, greens, and pale yellows. Avoid reds and other brilliant colors that can keep the mind active and derail sleep.

2.     Never place the bed so you sleep with your back to the doorway.

3.    The best position is across from the door, but not being in it directly.

4.    Never place the bed under a window.

5.     A solid wooden bed is best. Place the head against a wall. A good, solid headboard is best. It gives a person a sense of support and protection.

6.    Workstations have no place in a bedroom. Avoid having things like desks and computers anywhere near the bed.

7.     For a really good sleep, cover mirrors that face the bed. Sometimes a reflection of your own movement in the glass can be startling and disrupt the harmony.

8.  TVs really don’t belong in the bedroom either. If you do have one, make sure it’s off before you try to sleep, and better still, throw a cover over the screen.

These Are The Words to Describe The Bedroom:

*sa·lu·bri·ous (s -l br – s)
adj.  Conducive or favorable to health or well-being

   What Does That Look Like ?

Safety, Security, Shelter, Sanctuary, Serenity

Sustaining, Satisfying,  Strengthening

Savory, Spicy, Succulent, Sweet,  Salutary,

Sensuous, Sexy,   and Sunlight.

Time for you to get Busy !!


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