Transform Your Living Room

It is the #3  place we choose to spend time in . The living Room. This is not the place that only guest are allowed. So, it can be called the ” Great Room”, the ” Family Room”, or the ” Living Room”.  This is also the place for TV watching, music listening, game playing, homework checking.

In order to ” Transform” you must first look at the many functions it serves. So make a list of all the things you want to do in the space. When you finish the list. Decide on what will be the focal point in the room. Will it be the TV, the Fireplace, or the View ? 

Once you decide the focal point, that is when you look at seating and storage. Storage is where the things go you use 50% of the time. Seating should be for everyone that spends time in the room. If you have 5 family member. You need seating for . Then add the average amount of guest you have at any given time.

Here is the fun part. Take out everything in the room. Then bring back the items that you truly want in the room. You will be amazed at how large your space is when everything is out. What will surprise you more, will be the things you no longer want or need in the room.

Enjoy the process, and have some fun. Be sure whatever developes, is serving you and your family.


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