Your House Essence

Each home has a house essence based on the numerology of the numbers on the house. No matter who lives there this essence cna influence the occupnats, and sometimes determine their fate.

To caluate your house essence, add the numbers until you get a single digit. Here we have 93 = 9 + 3 = 12 …..12 = 1+2 = 3

This house has a Three Essence. The number three is symbolic of growth. It is also about openess, optimisn, expression, communication and expansion. You must also beware of overdoing things.

Here are the Numbers Relating to Your House Essence.

One Home= New Beginnings,

Independence, oneness , self-development, individuality Progress, creativity, Beware of isolation


Two Home = Partnership

Self surrender, pairing, balance, dynamic, Beware of over- sensitive, emotional

Three Home= Expression

Openness, optimism, communication, expansion, Beware of over- doing


Four Home  = Stability


* Unlucky number in Asian community (sounds like Death)

Security, self –discipline, service, organization, unity, too serious


Five Home= Activity, Unpredictable


* Unlucky number in Asian community (unstable energy)

Energetic, adventurous unpredictable, Beware of change


Six Home= Nurturing, Supportive 

Compassion, harmony, balance Be Careful of being, too generous


Seven Home= Spirituality


Spiritual, rebirth, ritual, analysis, contemplation, Beware of isolation


Eight Home= Abundance


Infinity, self power, reward, authority, leadership, Beware of being Cheap

Nine Home = Completion / Transcendence

Selflessness, release, tolerance, dedication, Be Careful of over-looking


* Change the Essence By Adding a Number or a Letter in the back of the house or directly by the front door. You can also change the number to meet the person’s life path. Also make sure if it is a couple you pick a compatible number for both of them.






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