Staging The Master Bedroom

May is the start of home buying season. Even in this economy people are buying and selling . The three most important deal breakers when it comes to selling a home is the Kitchen, the bath, and the Master Bedroom.

If you master the key components of Neuro-Architecture, selling a house becomes easy and effortless. Of course a great Real Estate Agent is helpful.

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. This is why staging the Master Bedroom is considered a deal breaker when it comes to selling a home. How you make the buyer feel when they enter the bedroom will determine if they are buying or just looking. Remember we buy with our eyes, and sell with our mouth.

Neuro- Architecture plays a key role in how people will feel in the house. New buyers need to feel they can imagine themselves in the space. They also need to know the space can accommodate their belongings as well.

Less is more when it comes to Neuro-Architecture, creating a Zen like atmosphere will make the buyer believe the space is much larger than it actually is. Neuro-Architecture concentrates on how a person feels in a space, and the behaviours people exhibit based on how they feel.


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