Feng Shui Your Holiday Seating


In Feng Shui we believe proper seating arrangements are key to reduce stress at the Thanksgiving Table.

 Thanksgiving is when loved ones gather to be grateful for their lives and each other according to the famous Norman Rockwell paintings.

 In reality, all the unfinished relationship business comes to the dinner table as passing the green beans brings back a negative memory of your issues with family members, siblings and the like.

 1.   Place your dinner table in the middle of the room. Remove furniture pieces to allow easy access to all chairs around the table.  away from the door and is supported by the back of a wall.

  2. Place the hosts at the power positions. The power position is the furthest position  

3.    The hosts should be able to see people entering the room without having to turn their heads. Hosting husbands at the head of the table , with the hosting wife on either the left or the right of the husband.. Having the husband at one end and the wife at the other can be polarizing for guest. The proper seating shows them as a united front to their guest.

 4.     Position guests who are unfriendly on the same side of the table. Place a person in between them. The conflict position is across the table from each other. At this position the guest is constantly staring into the energy field of the person and begins to remember all the reasons they dislike them.

 5.    Seat the more vulnerable guests against a solid back wall to keep them supported.

6. Be sure to have a mirror hanging in the dining area. the Chinese believe that mirrors double the energy of the space, which increases the abundance factor .

 You should make sure that the dining area is balanced and clear of any negative vivual reminders, such as photos of unhappy times, or people who do not support you..Whether you are looking to improve your relationship or  make everyone comfortable. All your relationships are going to be affected by this area and need to be cleared of negative visual reminders.

 Lighting white candles releases positive energy, along with having flowers on the table. the combination of the two creates ambiance, opens the heart, and supports people in bring their best selves to the table.

 Bon Appetite




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