Feng Shui Your Holiday Tree

Where to Put the Tree?

In Feng Shui there are five natural elements that are brought into balance in order to establish harmony in our environment. The elements are Fire, Metal, Earth, Water, and Wood. When you consider a Christmas tree, you have all five, automatically present.

1. First you have the tree itself, which represents the Wood element.

2.Then, we add lights, or Fire to trim the tree.

3.The ornaments are Earth if porcelain or pottery, Metal if metallic.

4.The glass bulbs represent Water

Living plants are providers of fresh, vital chi, and a wonderful feng shui cure. This year, think of your Christmas tree as a powerful feng shui enhancement for your home! Good Areas of placements for “wood” in your home are:

  • Southeast or “Wealth” Area
  • South or “Fame” Area
  • East or Family Area


In the Tai Chi (center) of your home, A tree will fill your entire house with holiday cheer. This area is also associated with the color yellow, so use a golden-yellow tree skirt and a bright yellow star at the top of the tree. Your Christmas tree is a very strong wood “cure,” and when it’s covered with electric lights you’ve also got a lot of fire energy well supported by abundant wood


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