Neuro-Pyschology of Holiday Entertaining

Whether it is Chanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa you celebrate, decorating your home is very uplifting for you. Many Psychologists report that changes, planning, and entertaining guest give  people feelings of happiness.Psychologists say that’s because people love to daydream and plan. the more time you take to plan a party, the more organized the event, and the better the result. 

 Changes to your environment for the party, and the planning  that goes into entertaining creates euphoric feelings in the individual. Decorating changes stagnant rooms. When your accessories stay in the same place day after day, you soon get used to them and no longer notice your treasures . Moving things around and adding decorations to your spaces makes everything seem new again, and invites new energy.

Guests love to come to a home decked out in party splendor. The festive energy  created with candles, decorations, and uplifting music provides the backdrop for happy interactions. It’s hard for someone to not be happy when they enter a home in full celebration mood.

Pamper yourself and your guests.Take some time for yourself and enjoy your party season.


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