Change Your Space, Activate Your Brain !

Whatever is going on with you on an emotional level will show up in the interiors of your home. If you are depressed, curtains are drawn, clutter is abundant, and the smell of stall air will be prominent.

Using the art and science of neuro-architecture, you can create a shift in your emotions and in your life. Awareness is the key, and knowing the actions to take can put in on the road to recovery in a matter of minutes.

What is Neuro-Architecture ? According to The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. ( ANFA ) it is  how we humans respond to our built environments. The information has been around for decades ( Since the 1950’s ) and the Asian culture has been using the information for centuries known as the Art of Placement; Feng Shui.

So how can you use this information for better living? My goal is to share the information I have learned about built spaces, and the inter-connectedness of the various arts and sciences. In doing so you will have the ability to shift your life circumstance using the spaces you inter-acted with on a daily basis. Here are the categories we will cover :

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