Empty Vessels = Empty Pockets

What you see on an everyday basis you become! Neuro-architecture is about how your space and objects affect you on an unconscious level. Your world is run by your unconscious. Isn’t time for you to do something about this?

If you’ve got an empty fish tank, or have decorative vases sitting out in your home, it’s time to change that. Having empty vessels or containers in your home conditions you to a type of poverty consciousness that will actively undermine your attempts to attract wealth and well-being.

If you have empty things in your home that you wish to keep there, consider filling them with something positive.

 For example, if you have decorative vases in your home, you can  commit to keeping fresh flowers or greenery, or you might consider filling them with polished sea stones and having decorative feathers/art/silk flowers for adornment. These are all symbols of wealth, and prosperity.

You can also put them away ! Place them in cupboards or pack them away until you are ready to fill them with something amazing!!


One thought on “Empty Vessels = Empty Pockets

  1. Very interested in more on neuro architecture and design which is what I have been doign to large measure without knowing such vocabulary. Wondering if you know of workshops, seminars on this topic- one day for example. Thanks for your assistance

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