Bedroom Boo Boo’s

Here are some things you can do to totally mess up your love life!! Do one of these tips and your love life will go sideways…………….

Bedroom Boo Boo  Tip # 1: Create a home office in your bedroom. Be especially  sure about having all surfaces overflowing with papers, folders, sticky notes and unpaid bills. If you have any old computers that do not work, it is ideal to have them here, in case your working computer malfunctions and you will immediately need your old broken one.

Bedroom Boo Boo  Tip # 2:  Have the exercise equipment There. It will definitely energize your love life close to bed. Watch the news for at least 30 min every night right before you go to sleep.

Bedroom Boo Boo Tip # 3: Do not forget the TV. A big one

Bedroom Boo Boo # 4: Display photos of ALL your friends and family, ideally from several generations, to “watch over your love life”.

Bedroom Boo Boo Tip # 5: Tuck under your bed the old memorabilia from all your Ex’s. Tuck it really tight so there is no breathing room left, and then tuck some more.

Bedroom Boo Boo # 6: Decorate you bedroom in dark, drury colors. For a splash of  color get creative with your Halloween costumes and accessories.

Bedroom  Boo Boo Tip # 7: Bring all your dying plants, big and small, be it in chipped pots or former yogurt containers. Your bedroom is the place to have them! Place the plants so that you can see them first thing when you wake up and last thing before you go to sleep. Might be a bit of a competition here form the TV, the computer(s) or the exercise equipment, but stay focused and do your best!

Bedroom Boo Boo Tip # 8: Forget about two bedside tables, and just squish the bed into a corner. Gracefully place one cheerful Winnie the Pooh pillow on top of your bed. Position the pillow so that it faces the door and greets you every time you come in.

Bedroom Boo Boo Tip # 9: Do not open the windows or let the natural light in!


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