Food For the Brain

What Would You Pick?

Everyone knows good nutrition supports your overall health, but few realize that certain foods-power foods-can protect your brain and optimize its function, and even dramatically reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Here Are The Best Foods for Brian Function

Fish. Salmon, mackerel, tuna, and other fish are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). “In the brain, DHA seems to be very important for the normal functioning of neurons.”

Nuts and seeds and Avocados. Blueberries, Blackberries,  and Strawberries. “Brainberries” is what Steven Pratt, MD, author of Superfoods.

Here’s eight ways you can feed your brain and increase your intelligence.
  1. Be curious.
  2. Exercise regularly. It’s been proven that exercise helps to increase brain function and enhances neurogenesis. …
  3. Do something new. …
  4. Train your memory. …
  5. Think positive. …
  6. Eat healthy. …
  7. Read a book. …
  8. 8 Get enough sleep.



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