Frequently Asked Questions


What is Feng Shui ?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating beauty harmony and tranquility in one’s environment while living in balance with nature

What is Neuro-Architecture ?

Neuro architecture is the science of how environments affect the brain and the human experience.

Is it Just Like Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui is an art and a science dedicated to how energy flows through a space. Feng Shui also promotes the role of placement and the goal of health, wealth and happiness.

The role of Neuroarchitecture  is to understand how an environment affects a person on a sensory and psychological level, and create a space that corrects and motivates an individual.

The two sciences compliment one another, yet have two different goals and outcomes.

Rest & Relax

What is Environmental DNA ?

Certain environments affect people on different levels. Your vibrational frequency, motivational needs, and your need for appreciation drives what supports you in a space. If your needs are not met, you must work harder to attain your goals.

The Environmental DNA Process

The Environmental DNA Process starts with an inventory test. The test examines how you see yourself in the present moment. It does not look at how others see you, or what you where like in the past. The information allows you to access certain parts of the brain which allow the true nature of who you are being to come forth.


 At the Art of Life we believe ” Thoughts” are ” Things”. What you think of yourself shows up in everything you do. Understanding who you are allows you to connect to what motivates and inspires the individual to attain more from life.

A 7 Layer Consultation allows you to create an environment that motivates you to be the best ” You ” there is.    It is as unique and individualized as you are.

The process brings all four areas of the brain, left and right hemisphere. Along with the cerebral and limbic areas together. The combination of all the areas working in harmony creates Cybernetic Transportation. This harmonization taps into both the conscious and subconscious areas of the brain.

Upon complete of the consultation the physical and energetic changes in the space will allow the client to become and stay motivated in transforming and reaching their life goals.


How to Get Started

Please feel free to visit our contact page. You can give us a call or send us an e-mail. The cost varies based on the size of your home and your needs. 


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