Nueroarchitecture Consultation


The discipline of Neuroarchitecture is using space as a catalyst for change, and motivation. ” Neuro ” meaning ” Brain” and “Nervous System. “Architecture” meaning ” Built Space” . This art and science takes into consideration how you are affected by your surrounds. The influence design of building has  on the central nervous system.


Whether it is an office, your home, or a space you spend time in. We as humans are motivated by the various energies and visual interpretation an environment present us. Your ability to control your environment makes you  the  captain of your ship.


This allows the individual to achieve their dreams and reinforce the positive aspects of their personality and their value system.

We are the only firm to provide this unique service. Our staff is well versed in the field of Design Psychology, Feng Shui, and Neuroscience.


We will draw from the following multiple disciplines during your personal  consultation

Design Psychology

Color Therapy

DNA Profiling

Visual Intelligence

Pattern / Emotional Trigger Therapy

Energetic Release Therapy

Environmental Design


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